The Fabio of Stoner Doom – I might be in LOVE!

Jack Donovan – Elder (courtesy of Clean and Sober Stoner)

Hi all – wanted to check in and share a new experience I had with the Clean and Sober Stoner. Elder is an all time favorite of the Boomer Doomer. So when they came to town, and it was on his 30 year Clean and Sober anniversary (He is writing a book on this by the way – check out 30 years of HEAVY Recovery), we couldn’t pass up tickets. This would be my first Doom concert. And I had to say, I wasn’t really sure what it was going to be like. But when my first gift was a pair of earplugs, I knew I was in for a treat.

There were two opening bands before Elder, Dreadnought and Ruby the Hatchet. I really thought that Dreadnought would not be a favorite because I am not a fan of the screaming vocals but to my surprise they were the coolest band. The music was really good with the lead vocals being the mix of lilting lyrics and some screamer doom. It was an oddly nice mix. Plug the band got together and they signed their new cd for the Clean and Sober Stoner and congratulated him on his 30 years.


Ruby the Hatchet I had heard of, so I thought I may like them a little more but to my surprise I didn’t really love their show. Although they did have great stage presence and the lead singer is great at talking to the crowd. I just couldn’t get into the beat and it could be that I was having the start of a migraine. You could tell that the audience was really into the music and this is where I started to feel squished. You know that time during the concert where the bodies start to touch. And not in that, Oh My God he’s dreamy way but in the Oh My God they haven’t showed in three days way. This is when I took a seat on the sidelines. And besides the migraine was getting worse. Even with the earplugs, the vibrations from the bass could be felt through my body. If I ever have a heart attack at a show, they should just put the speaker on my chest and play some strong bass chord. I am sure my heart will be like “What the hell!” and start right back up.

Ruby the Hatchet

But then it was time for Elder. I have never watched a band where the lead singer is off on stage left and the center stage is the bassist. But Jack Donovan pulls it off along with Nick DiSalvo. They make a great pairing. And I must say I am a bit jealous of Jack’s hair. We are both long and curly hair people. And this girl would love to sit and trade hair care product tips with the master. With the fans blowing up off the front of the stage, it was like he was a Bass God with the hair of Fabio. Thrusting it from side to side as he swayed with the music. I mean it was a sight to see. If nothing else, I left with an appreciation of his fabulous hair and the bands unending talent for the dooms songs they have written. The Boomer Doomer was standing on the seat so he could see the band. I stayed low and was doing my best headbanging since Slash in Paradise City. They started with Compendium. And the crowd was hooked. And they played the Clean and Sober Stoners favorite Blind. I don’t think I have ever seen him air guitar better than when they cranked that one up. One thing I learned is that the set list is short for Stoner/Doom bands because each song is like 12 minutes and they don’t really break much in between and chat. They just leave the last cord hanging till they are ready to crank up the next song. And the Encore….I swear it was their 20 minute monster. Good song but after 10 minutes, I’m ready for a sensory break.

Overall the concert was a blast! I went home with my super migraine and earplugs, which a lot of people were wearing, and an appreciation of what a Doom Concert is like. It is a wonderful community of humans who are just really into the heaviness of the music. You might think they are smashing, mosh pit radicals. (The one smashing dancing radical who kept pissing everyone else off did get ejected.) But in reality, they are very nice and polite family of people who come together in the solidarity of music. Elder did not disappoint and I am inclined to go see them again. Maybe at an outside venue next time. But certainly where I can see my newfound Fabio-esque love, Jack Donovan showcase the hair and bass skills of the Doom idol he is. It was great fun. And I appreciate Stoner/Doom a little more each day.

That’s all for this round. Thanks for reading
Love – the Newbie Doomer


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